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Are You Subject to Backup Withholding?

June 4, 2018
Business Services, Tax Services
If your business is looking to do business with the State of Florida, make sure to have your Substitute Form W-9 filled out. You can fill it o...

IRS Announces Tax Filing Season

January 4, 2018
Tax Services
The IRS announced yesterday that the tax filing season will begin on January 29th and returns are due April 17th. Want to get a head start?...

How Does the Tax Reform Affect Me

January 2, 2018
Tax Services
Tax Bill Reform Changes Most Significant Business Tax Changes: Corporations and their shareholders. The drop in the corporate tax rate f...

Tax Reform Bill

December 12, 2017
Tax Services
After a long anticipation we finally have a major tax reform in the works. There are some significant differences between the Senate and the H...

Tax Bill Reform News Alert

November 9, 2017
Tax Services
This is what we all, especially us, tax advisers and prepares, been impatiently waiting for – the details of the long-anticipated tax reform l...

Charitable Giving

November 1, 2017
Tax Services
Where and how should you be charitably contributing by the end of the year? As the holidays approach we are accustomed to making charitable c...

Divorce and Taxes

November 1, 2017
Tax Services
Submitted By: Crockett Bohannon, Raymond James Divorce is difficult enough. What could add to the anxiety that divorce brings? Taxes. From ...