Due Diligence

Your goal is to make the right acquisition for the right price and our goal is to make sure you make the right choice by vetting the prospect business. We offer pre- or post-deal due diligence services. Whether you need expert analysis from the buy-side or sell-side, our team will provide thorough analysis and recommendations to aide in your business decisions.

Throughout the Orlando due diligence process, we collaborate with you to understand your unique situation and work with you and your attorneys to identify and mitigate acquisition risks.

Our rigorous and objective Orlando due diligence methodology allows us to analyze and validate financial, operational and strategic aspects of a business. Our financial due diligence approach focuses on the financial position of your target acquisition. We will verify the company’s financial information and assess its future potential. Our analysis includes but is not limited to:

  • Review of prior years and current year financial statements
  • Tie out financial statements to the filed tax returns
  • Review and tie out of sales and payroll tax returns filed
  • Review and tie out royalty payments and statements if applicable
  • Review and analyze profit and loss trends and variances year over year
  • Analyze company’s free cash flow and ability to sustain/grow its operations
  • Calculate various financial ratios and compare to industry standards
  • Review sales to top customers and assess concentration risk
  • Review major customer and vendor agreements as well as lease agreements
  • Review employment and contractor agreements
  • Prepare pro-forma profit and loss statements with added owner benefits
  • Review and comment on trends in comparison to the industry standards and identify departures, if any
  • Verify compliance with federal and local regulatory agencies

We have extensive experience in manufacturing, retail, distribution, professional services, health care and real estate fields and will guarantee you an exceptional team that is accustomed to working with our Orlando due diligence process specifically in your industry. We also offer due diligence services for foreign investors who are looking to purchase a business in the U.S.

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