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After assisting clients with their tax and medical accounting needs for over 20 years, CPA Solutions is proud to announce the newest solution for helping clients: Client Accounting Services (CAS). With a unique specialization in the healthcare industry, we have acquired not only the expertise and skillset that is exclusive to physicians and dentists but also gained our clients’ trust and loyalty.

As we strive to elevate our level of services to better serve our clients’ needs we have introduced a new product, Client Accounting Services (“CAS”), that completely transforms organization’s finance function. CAS is a fully outsourced accounting service that will handle every step from bill-pay and payroll to CFO consulting.

CAS Helps Physicians and Dentists Grow Their Practices By:
Reducing Costs

Savings in salaries, payroll taxes, and benefits, technology-related costs such as accounting and payroll software as well as office space being occupied by internal accounting staff translates to approximately 30% costs savings for our clients by utilizing CAS.

Better Internal Controls

We follow tight processes and standard procedures. Our technology is designed for proper approvals and cross-checks for deviations from the norm (individually set for each client). Our month-end close checklist ensures completeness and accuracy of the financial statements.

More Informed Decisions

With reliable and timely financial information, our clients are better equipped to analyze the current situation and make relevant decisions on efficiencies, growth or succession planning. Our Enterprise tier includes CFO services that provide strategic consultancy for clients that are faced with changes.

By utilizing CAS services, our medical clients achieve a reduction in costs, better internal controls, and more informed decision-making abilities, which means you can focus on your patients! From billing to taxes, we have a program for you!

Read our Case Study of how we saved this medical practice time and money and increased profitability!


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